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The Tongsai Bay

84 Moo 5, Bo Phut

Koh Samui

Koh Samui Surat Thani 84320, Thailand

“Tongsai Bay, a spot on Koh Samui where trees are not felled, no insecticides or chemical fertilizers are used in the green hotel grounds and humans are kind to animals” Thanakorn Hoontrakul


The Tongsai Bay is proud to be the first five star green hotel on Koh Samui, built in 1985. Since opening in 1987 it has established itself as the leading family owned green hotel on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Set within lush tropical gardens on a hillside overlooking a secluded bay it consists of 83 suites, cottages, and villas.

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  • 28.5 acres of Land that is totally secluded and the guests never hear traffic or noisy neighbors
  • Private and tranquil 200 meters long beach
  • A laid back experience in a luxury sustainable green resort enjoying an extraordinary and personal service
  • Early and Late Check-Out possible
  • Enjoy eco-friendly vacation in a green awarded hotel
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Rooms & Amenities

83 Rooms, 2 Restaurants, 1 Beach Bistro, 1 Lobby Lounge Bar, Game Room, Wifi, 2 Swimming Pools, Tennis court, Gym, Spa

  • Cottage Suite (68-78 m2)

In tropical gardens dotted on the hillside looking out to the sea. All are semi-detached with split-level.

  • Beachfront Suite (72-86 m2)

In a 3-storeyed hotel building next to the main free-form swimming pool and the beach.

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New “Tongsai Pool Villa”

Recently Tongsai Bay re-designed the Tongsai Grand Villas and guests can now choose to stay in the newly re-named Tongsai Pool Villas. Keep cool in your own private pool with views across the tropical gardens and the Gulf of Thailand below. Furthermore, each villa has a terrace as spacious as the villa itself with an outdoor bathtub and a gazebo.

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Tongsai Bay Ko Samui

Tongsai Bay History

In 1985 Akorn Hoontrakul, at this time chairman of “The Imperial Hotel Group”, saw the Bay from the sea and fell in love at first sight. Within seven days Akorn purchased the land. He slept at the beach for three months, dreaming of his ideal resort, and started to plan the layout and location of the rooms.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Conservation of Flora and Fauna
  • Energy management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Protection of animals and plants
  • Water management
  • Waste management
  • Social Engagement
  • Further education


  • The Tongsai Bay replaced the wooden floor that was exposed to sun and rain, with a concrete structure and finished with large stone tiles. This in effect reduces the wear and tear of the wood and the wooden structure underneath which need replacing every now and then
  • Hard wood is always needed for the purpose and as such in Thailand, it is still difficult to know where the wood comes from. So to change part of the structure on the terrace from wood to concrete reduces the need for wood replacement

Conservation of Flora and Fauna

The Tongsai opened in 1987, even at this time Tongsai Bay was ‘green’ in thinking – the resort was designed and built to ensure that large preexisting trees were not felled. The design took a great deal of time to incorporate the natural topography of the existing land and the flora upon it. Some Cottages have charming characteristics such as large boulders shaping features internally or externally along with villas where large trees are now the centre piece of balconies that have been built around it.

The Tongsai Bay has internal policies that do not allow any staff member to cut down trees or act in any manner that may cause harm to any animal.

Animals that are found deceased on Tongsai Bay land are sent to a local vet for an autopsy to ensure that any passing is of natural causes and ensure that our Tongsai operations are not a factor.

Starting in July 2012, the Animal & Nature Protection Group (A Tongsai Bay founded group) worked with the greater staff body of Tongsai Bay on a plantation project on neighboring land to the resort – during this project over 130 trees were planted for which the Gardening team continue maintain weekly.

Energy management

  • Signs in the guest room for saving energy
  • Housekeeping will normally turn off the air-condition after making up the room. Only by advice of the guest the air-condition is turned on
  • Use of energy saving device, e.g. T8, LED light bulb
  • Use of central heat exchange system (water cooled) for air-condition
  • Encourage staff to reduce energy consumption

Environmental Protection

The Tongsai Bay is a Green Leaf accredited Resort that employs a full time Green Projects Manager – Khun Jul who trains, educates and develops the Tongsai Bay’s systems or processes for environmental protection.

His key areas are focused on:

  • Conservation of Animals and Plants
  • Garbage Management/Recycling
  • In house production of Effective Micro-organism liquid (EM) and minimization of chemical useage
  • Energy saving (water, electricity, oil and gas)
  • The Education of Environmental Awareness both within Tongsai Bay and beyond
  • Participation of Community Services
  • Less-harmful washing detergent for kitchen and laundry, i.e. ECOLAB product

The Tongsai Bay also contributes to the local community, the greater Thailand region and abroad. The Tongsai Bay is part of ‘Tourism Authroity of Thailand‘ – The 7 Green Concepts, The Green Island Foundation – Koh Samui, The Low Carbon School Project and is winner of.

  • 2012 GIFFTS – (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) society) – Philanthropy Leader
  • 2009 GIFFTS – (Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) society) – Philanthropy Leader
  • 2007 Green Leaf Foundation – Environmentally Friendly Hotel
  • 2007 Kuoni Green Planet Award2006 GIFTTS – Great Initiatives for Today’s (Tomorrow’s) society
  • 2005 Green Accommodation in Gold Class – Department of Environment Development Promotion
  • The Tongsai Bay is accredited the G-Gold class of Green Hotel Award of the Department of Environmental Quality, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. The hotel has won this award first time in 2015 and maintained the Gold class for re-surveillance in September 2017

Protection of animals and plants

  • Around 60 different kinds of birds can be found in this part of Koh Samui
  • Preservation and care of animal and plants:
    „We believe nature was here before us and we can share our home with them in harmony.”
  • Preserve the land for animals and trees and our ecosystems
  • Avoid the use of products that could harm animals from forest and sea
  • No cutting down trees
  • If sick or injury animals are found, the hotel will seek for medical treatment
  • If any dead animal is found, the staff of the hotel will seek an autopsy by the veterinarian to investigate the cause of death and to ensure that its death is not caused by Tongsais activity or staff
  • Continue to plant more trees to provide shelter and food for animals
  • Providing water ponts for animals
  • Posting symbols on window to prevent birds to hit the 
  • Banning of products that harm or threaten animal, i.e. no animal testing product, fin free meal


Water management

  • Use water saving faucet and sanitary ware
  • Displacement of water in toilet tank to reduce water use for flushing
  • Encourage staff to reduce water consumption
  • Collect wastewater generated from guest room, kitchen, laundry, office and staff dormitory to be treated at wastewater systems
  • Use recycled water (treated wastewater) for planting and flushing in toilet at staff dormitory
  • Water heating tank is linked to the air condition condensing for the heat exchange
  • Used water is sent to the septic tank to be purified with EM liquid, (Effective Microorganism liquid)
  • Then the water is given to the plants in the resort afterward



Waste management

  • Garbage is separated into each category (metal, glass, paper, plastic, hazardous material, etc)
  • Leftover food, leaves, and branches are sent to the organic garden to be made into fertilizers
  • Reduce garbage by using reusable material
  • Minimize chemical use by changing to eco-friendly toilet/bath cleaners, including a solution from the fruits peel that are fermented with EM (Effective Microorganism)
  • Bio-degradable plastic bags & straws
  • Biochemical product for bath amenities
  • No plastic straws are allowed in our hotel
  • Hazardous wastes are taken to a licensed industrial waste disposal plant at our own cost


Social Engagement

  • Interact, support, and share knowledge with local children
  • Garbage Management Awareness at Ban Plai Lam School
  • Learning about local trees and planting trees in the resort
  • Energy saving training for local people
  • Learn garbage separation in the game style
  • Learning about local trees and planting Trees in the resort
  • Local staff
  • Member of  Choengmon Conservation Group, a local conservation group of 16 hotels in this area, and share our environmental management practice to members
  • Donations for building school canteen & fire station
  • Provide massage at the local hospital
  • Community clean up
  • Samui care free day

Further education

  • Include Environmental and Social Sustainability (ESS) Procedure into the new staff orientation and communication of ESS Procedure as a refreshment through channels, e.g. posting on board, news update, Safety Health and Environmental (SHE) Committee.
  • Encourage environmental awareness to staff through a Waste Segregation program. The staff from each department will join the program to help segregate waste at waste house to ensure the effectiveness of waste segregation before transferred out to waste buyer/disposer (further to the waste segregation at source)
  • Encourage and seek kind cooperation from the guest to consume less resources and protect local environment, e.g. changing bed sheet and towel upon request (tag, put towel on floor)
  • Conduct in-house green activity for staff, e.g. Tongsai Noi Beach Cleaning.
  • Communicate and seek cooperation with supplier to avoid plastic and to usereuseable packaging
  • Be a part of local conservation group (e.g. Choengmon Conservation Group)
  • Participate green activity with local community