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11 Moo 8 Laem Tong

Koh Phi Phi, Ao Nang

Krabi 81000, Thailand


“An unforgettable journey of discovery.” Zeavola


Zeavola Resort is located on one of the major islands in an archipelago of six islands. Phi Phi Island is known for its scenery of high hills with jutting cliffs surrounded by marvelous beaches and emerald sea, hiding underneath a bank of coral reefs and colorful marine life.

Situated between the great island of Phuket and the part of Krabi Province, which are popular places for diving & snorkeling, kayaking and other marine recreational activities. The Phi Phi Islands are known as the kingdom of undersea flowers, various kinds of fish, colorful flowers and beautiful coral reefs.

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  • Explore authentic Thailand at an eco-friendly resort
  • A perfect place to be for divers all over the world. Discover undersea flowers, various kinds of fish, beautiful coral reefs in Phi Phi island's only green resort
  • Discover the beauty of Phi Phi Islands with a long tail boat enjoying eco-friendly vacations
  • Relax and unwind in a green hotel, where real luxury is pure nature, a stunning and unique green beach with white powdery sand and a personal service
Green Pearls® Score for Zeavola

“Zeavola is involved in environmental projects, supporting the community by hiring locals and also supporting schools and educating kids on environment”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

54 Rooms, 1 Pool, Baxil Restaurant, Thai kitchen Tacada Restaurant, International and Thai kitchen, Cooking classes, Spa, Zann Zanook Padi Dive Centre for divers of all levels

Village Suite 

about 40m2, in a tropical garden complex

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Nature Ocean at Zeavola Thailand

Authentic Thai

Zeavola’s philosophy is based on offering the client an authentic Thai experience. Step back to simplicity implies experiencing real Thailand, an understanding for the Thai people, how they live and at the same time enjoy outstanding service at this wonderful dive resort.

The architecture is local, the furniture is local, the decoration is local, it feels like time being kept.

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Improving water management at Zeavola – Interview with GM Florian Hallermann

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Zeavola’s Green Initiatives

Zeavola’s Little Green Book

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  • Zeavola's Little Green Book
  • Community Clean ups
  • Conservation of Fauna & Flora
  • Energy management
  • Environmental Protection
  • Social Engagement

For over ten years Florian Hallermann was the general manager of the Zeavola Resort on Koh Phi Phi Island and he changed a lot in the luxury-eco-resort. He has released a book about the process of the development of the Zeavola.

More information on “Zeavola’s Little Green Book” on our newsroom; you can download it on Zeavola’s website here.

Community Cleanups

  • Daily beach cleaning by staff members
  • Beach cleaning at tourist destinations close to the resort
  • Coral Reef cleaning by the dive team and guests
  • All garbage is shipped to Phuket for incineration
  • All-natural waste will be shredded and send back into the garden nothing will be burned

Conservation of Flora & Fauna

  • 18 bird species on premises of the resort
  • The resort encourages breeding by creating a quiet area in the resort
  • Established numerous fruit trees to assist in the food chain of the birds
  • First aid and survival assistance for birds in distress
  • Coral cleaning activities on a yearly base
  • Rescue lone monkeys and send them back to the uninhabited part of the National Park
  • Creating a safe environment for pythons or pigmy chickens

Energy management

  • The resort invested heavily to install common electricity on Laem Tong Beach to get away from generator energy
  • Key Tags system implemented at the same time
  • Energy-saving light bulbs in the gardens and public places
  • Sensor controlled public lighting
  • Laundry system to conserve energy and reduce chemical use

Environmental Protection

Water the essence of life

Being embedded in nature all resources are very precious on the island. This is why Zeavola embarked on a journey of sustainable water usage. The Zeavola community counts up to 300 people, as well as animals and gardens who all consume water. The resort has 4 deep wells that are nurtured from the water coming down from the hills on their way to the sea. Most of the time the water is fresh, but during the dry season, the salinity of the water rises due to decreased freshwater.

In order to provide clean shower and utility water, the resort is installing a big Reverse Osmosis plant which provides potable water in great volumes. At the height of its output, this plant can provide 7,000 gallons per hour. Working at maximum capacity places a lot of strain on the system. The engineering team monitors the water levels to ensure the system is only used as needed.

To further reduce the work load of the reverse osmosis system, the staff houses were equipped with roof gutters and linked with a pipe system. The roof area is about a football field and with a good tropical downpour its possible to collect 10,000 to 18,000 liters within 2 hours.

The wastewater is collected from all corners of the resort to be properly disposed of and treated. The treatment system contains 3 different stages and water is cleared of biological and chemical remains. Finally, the water is brought in a collection pond and used to water the gardens. The jungle setting of the resort needs a lot of good water to survive. With this, the water cycle is closed and the resort is very proud of the fact that no outside water is used in this process and more importantly no wastewater finds its way into the sea.

Sustainable living with nature is a big focus at the Zeavola since nature will present a very tough bill when it’s not respected. This is not a fashionable trend on this island but a daily necessity. Zeavola invites its guests to use this valuable resource carefully when in the hotel.

Social Engagement

  • Supporting the local school on a weekly base
  • Conducting the Children Party every year for the Laem Tong school
  • Assist in renovation work for the Laem Tong school
  • Pay respect to the elders of the Sea Gypsy Community during Songkran
  • Supporting local government projects on a regular base.