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Schlosshotel Blankenburg

Schlosshotel Blankenburg/Harz
Schnappelberg 5
D - 38889 Blankenburg (Harz)

“Environmentally friendly behavior, saving resources, and treating our environment and fellow human beings with respect are more than a philosophy for us. We live sustainability!” Schlosshotel Blankenburg


The Schlosshotel Blankenburg impresses with its sustainable concept and invites you to a relaxing stay in the Harz Mountains. The historic building is surrounded by 100 hectares of gardens. Whether you are planning a conference, wedding, or a relaxing time-out with wellness and hiking, you will definitely find the right setting here.

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  • Historical ambiance paired with modern luxury
  • Long-term relaxation in a four-star hotel
  • Dream weddings for up to 100 guests in the castle hotel
  • Wellness area in the castle vault
  • Spacious gardens and nearby forests provide plenty of nature
  • Rooms and suites with high ceilings, large windows, classic furnishings, and modern comforts
Green Pearls® Score for Schlosshotel Blankenburg

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Facilities

  • 66 hotel rooms between 16 m2 (single room) and 50 m2 (junior suite)
  • Castle package (breakfast, parking, sauna use, and free soft drinks in the minibar) included in the overnight price
  • Restaurant with terrace, bar, and tea room
  • 100-hectare garden
  • Wellness in the castle vault

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Today’s Schlosshotel is located in former barracks of the “Herzoglich Braunschweigische Leibbataillon” of Duke Wilhelm in Blankenburg in the Harz Mountains. The military barracks were built between 1857 and 1860. At Easter 1860 the accommodation of the Leibbataillon  was accommodated here.. Until the First World War, the barracks served as training center for recruits of various military units. The complex includes some additional buildings such as the military hospital (nowadays a residential and commercial building), the drill and riding hall (today’s sports hall), and the NCO house in Hasselfelder Straße. The barracks were shut down after the First World War.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Food
  • Water
  • Energy management
  • Waste
  • Environment
  • Animal and plant protection
  • Continuing education
  • Social engagement
  • Certifications
  • Renovated building from 1860
  • Historic monument protection
  • Energetic renovation of the building exterior
  • Roof and basement isolation
  • Use of primarily seasonal and regional products from local partners
  • No water bottles in the restaurant – filtered original Harzer Water is bottled in reusable bottles.
  • Avoidance of portion packaging
  • Avoidance of food waste (especially in the breakfast area)
  • Water is bottled in the restaurant in reusable bottles.
  • Water-saving washing machines/dishwashers: energy efficiency A+++
  • Use of rainwater (cistern and rain barrels)
  • Economical shower heads and perlators as well as inflow limiters
  • Green areas are watered only at night or in the morning to reduce condensation.
  • Smaller pools are covered overnight.
  • Waterfalls/attractions run only at certain times.
  • 100 % green electricity
  • Climate neutrally sourced gas
  • LED lights throughout the building and motion detectors in the hallways
  • Annual determination of the CO2 footprint and review of possible reductions in emissions
  • Two in-house e-charging stations
  • Kitchen/heating equipment cleaned and serviced regularly
  • House occupancy on a corridor-by-corridor basis
  • Unused areas of the house are disconnected from power
  • Radiators are kept at 1
  • Energy consultant/energy efficiency test
  • Use of modern, energy-saving appliances
  • Optimized, automatic control of cold rooms (main cooling at night)
  • Monthly benchmarking of energy consumption compared to the previous year’s consumption
  • House front/garage entrance: lights only switch on when it gets dark.
  • Energy Climate Neutral / m2(kwh) reports are analyzed and improved.
  • Reactive current compensation
  • Heat recovery
  • Metering point management system (daily access to current consumption data)
  • Regular meetings: energy team, management, technicians
  • Electric stove replaced by induction stove
  • Raising awareness/training of staff/customers (e.g. by posting information)
  • No plastic straws or plastic disposable cups
  • Refillable cleaning products
  • Waste separation
  • Food leftovers are donated or used as feed (farm/pig farm).
  • Draft beer
  • Own production of jam
  • Less packaging, abandonment of single-portion packaging
  • Breakfast buffet without portion packaging
  • Scratch paper (for internal communication)
  • Digitalization (digital office)
  • Interfaces, reservations/bookings only by e-mail
  • Digital staff plans/staff coordination
  • Sustainable cosmetics in the room and in the wellness area
  • Environmentally friendly cleaning agents – refillable, dispensed, climate-friendly
  • Digitalization of work processes with the goal of working paper-free
  • Cooperation with bicycle and e-bike rental partner on site
  • Possibility for guests to make their stay or conference climate neutral (tree donation, bee sponsorship, or support of a climate protection project)
  • Environmental management system
  • 100-hectare garden area
  • Green areas are watered only at night or in the morning to reduce condensation.
  • Own herb garden
  • Insect hotel in front of the house
  • Own herb garden
  • Regular training of employees in sustainable topics and development of common ideas and concepts
  • Apprenticeship company, encouragement for younger colleagues
  • Numerous benefits for all employees
  • Training for the back
  • Balanced nutrition for employees
  • Training on ergonomics at the workplace
  • Sufficient sleep (employees are allowed to stay overnight in a hotel)
  • Participation in the company run
  • Free admission to the thermal spa (1x month)
  • Bike tour at the opening of the cycling season
  • Cooperation agreement with a health insurance company
  • Annual health day
  • Elevated screens

Schlosshotel Blankenburg, GreenSign Logo

  • GreenSign certified with Level 4

The hotel is constantly working to further optimize its sustainable activities in order to reach GreenSign Level 5 as soon as possible.