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The green way to travel: South East Asia

Spend your next Thailand vacation ecologically friendly, discover the hidden gems of Thailand and get to know the people on site Read more Asia South East Asia

The 7 Greens ideas to create a sustainable environment while traveling responsibly in South East Asia

"Choose environmentally friendly travel itineraries"

"Travel the eco-friendly way"

"Choose clean vehicles for either short or long excursions"

"Sustainable tourism management"

"Travel with awareness of value and preserve community identity"

"Managing business, consciousnes and eco-friendly"

"Volunteering brightens the world and cares for the environment"

...lets get on "the amazing green route"

Lets start in the province of Trat which is known for the numerous islands and the amazing natural resources; mountains, forests, and rivers. Lets get on a green journey to experience another side of Trat that you may have never seen before.


Depart Bangkok for Trat, and begin the green journey by visiting theBan Nam Chiao Ecotourism Community. Thai Buddhists and Thai Muslims live together peacefully here. After a delicious seafood lunch, hop on a boatvand cruise to the nearby mangrove forest, where local fisher men will demonstrate how to catch Tongue shells. These shells are hard to catch, because they areliving under about a 100m-deep river.

“whatever we take from nature, we have to give back”

The next day starts, after a healthy breakfast, by heading to theChang Thun Eco-museumto learn about the Chong culture and their passion and dedication for natural and cultural conservation. They live a life under the concept, “whatever we take from nature, we have to give back”. Enjoy then a traditional lunch - banana stalk curry and fried pork with salt for example.

Traveling local

To understand what the museum is about, get ready for an amazing adventure: ride on a Salenger, a motorbike with a sidecar, to experience a part of the identity of the Chong people. After the ride, learn how to make aCheck damfrom natural materials to slow the water flow. Try aWhite Mud Spa to nourish your skin, while using a plant called Thao Khi Rat, as a natural soap. After getting your skin revitalised, it is time for relaxing at theSpa de Chong, a local retreat with Thai herbal steam. On the way back, enjoy a delicious and healthy dinner at the Krung Thai Kitchen, cooked with organic vegetables.

Huai Raeng Ecotourism Group

Use the next day to visit theHuai Raeng Ecotourism Groupand experience the community’s simple way of life in the ‘Land of Three Waters’. Learn the local wisdom about making mangosteen rind soap in a bamboo mould or a traditional Thai dessert out of flour, coconut and sugar. Get on a boat in the afternoon for cruising along Khlong Huai Raeng through the atap palm forest. You will see how people smartly make use of palm leaves in daily life and have lunch at the Ecotourism Group before getting to the ferry pier to make your way to Ko Chang. In Ko Chang you can explore not only beautiful beaches, but mountains, rainforests, mangrove forests and waterfalls. Check in at The Spa Koh Chang Resort and spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the island.


Start the next and last day of this tour with a healthy and delicious breakfast, followed by a yoga session that will relax your body and soul. It takes place at Yoga Sala, within the tranquil mangrove forest. After that, enjoy a variety of spa treatments, a Thai massage for example. For lunch, continue your green journey withRaw Food menus, which are never being cooked or exposed to temperatures over 42 degrees Celsius. These delicious dishes are chemical-free and high in nutrient value.

After lunch, leave Ko Chang on a ferry and take a transfer to Trat Airport.