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General information on Malaysia

Malaysia is located in South-East Asia consisting of two parts which are separated by the South-Chinese ses, in the west from the Malaysian Peninsula and the island Borneo in the east. To the south, on an offshore island is Singapore, the northern west part borders Thailand, the East Indonesia and the North embraces the sultanate Brunei. Since 1963 Malaysia is independent, before it belonged to the British Empire.

The climate is completely tropical with very high air humidity, so that it is very muggy all year round. The afternoon temperatures varies between 31 and 35 degrees, at night 26-29 degrees.Malaysia consists of many cultures, the local malaysian people, mostly muslims, a minority of Chinese, immigrants from South India and the descendants of many different natives.

What is so special about Malaysia

Malaysia is seperated in half by the South China sea with one part compromising of vibrant cities with modern and colonial architecture and spectacular hideaway islands, while the other part, Borneo is home to orangutans, a divers wildlife and breathtaking diving spots. By traveling in both parts, you may combine sighteeing in modern cities with wild jungle experiences in Borneo.

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