Green City Hotel Vauban Business

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Schloss Wartegg, Bedroom
Schloss Wartegg
Do green business in the quiet atmosphere of Schloss Wartegg. from 101 €
Green City Hotel Vauban-Cafeteria
Green City Hotel Vauban
The integrational Green City Hotel Vauban provides you with professional services and the perfect innovative location for your next green business event. from 85 €
Creativhotel Luise, Zimmer
Creativhotel Luise
Creativity is a diverse phenomenon. It animates us to experience new ways and to make our life more worthwhile. Since creativity has so many facets, we have often asked ourselves: “what is it that makes the Creativhotel Luise creative?” from 79 €
Landgut Stober
Landgut Stober
The host family Tanja Getto and Michael Stober and their team welcome you to one of the 15 best convention hotels in Germany - a magical place from 89 €
Hotel Milano Scala – Lounge
Hotel Milano Scala
First zero-emission hotel in Milan from 190 €