HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio Allgäu
by blackpearls, on
New year, new blog Dear all, we want to say farewell to the old year and also to this blog. On our new GREEN TRAVEL BLOG, ... More
Neujahrsschwimmen auf Juist. © KV Juist
by Lynn, on
Ice cooled New Year’s start: New Year’s swimming on Juist We have the ultimate tip for you when waking up after an extensive New Year's Eve celebration: New Year’s swimming on Juist. ... More
Rainforest in Peru
by Hanna, on
Sustainable documentaries for cuddly days: thought provoking movies The internal office name of this blog post is “winter cuddle blog” as we want to provide green inspirations for the cuddly ... More
Pool at the spa. © Arosea Life Balance Hotel
by Lynn, on
Extremely relaxing: 3 special wellness treatments Massages, cosmetics applications, and spa treatments – the Europeans are front-runners when it comes to wellness vacation. Quite a lot of hotels ... More
Sustainable packaging © Green Pearls
by Lynn, on
Appearance is vital: Sustainable gift packaging Can you believe in about two weeks we already celebrate Christmas? Are you well prepared for the festive season? If you are ... More
Historic hamlet amidst the Maira Valley. © Sagna Rotonda
by Lynn, on
Tropical wood in Bavaria? No thanks! Planning a vacation the appearance of the accommodation is as decisive for me as the location. This probably applies to you as ... More
Candles by the pool. © AdobeStock / gabrielhector
by Lynn, on
Peaceful Advent season: Candlelight Swimming on Juist Slowly Winter sets in on Juist and Christmas is around the corner. Just in time, the Advent program on the North Sea ... More
Rescued buffalo. © Keemala
by Hanna, on
Ethical animal encounters on travels As you know, sustainability comprises environmental protection, responsible resource management, safety at work as well as animal protection and the preservation of ... More
Green curry © Valsana Hotel & Appartements
by Hanna, on
Vegan inspiration: Green Curry made by Valsana Hotel & Apartments For some time we have been taking you on a vegan journey around the globe on our blog, presenting special recipes from ... More
Empty hiking paths in fall. © Naturhotel Outside
by Lynn, on
Off-season travel: evade mass tourism Do you also prefer traveling in summer, like most people? The summer is considered as the touristic high season – resulting in ... More
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