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Hotel Klosterbräu

Hotel Klosterbräu  
Klosterstraße 30
6100 Seefeld in Tirol
Tel. +43 5212 2621
Fax. +43 5212 3885

“We love what we do and create as much magic as possible for our guests every day ” Hotel Klosterbräu


The Hotel Klosterbräu in Seefeld combines 200 years of family history with modern ideas and warm hospitality.The guests can relax in their own unique and individual way, surrounded by the Tyrolean Alps. Whether you are looking for wellness in one of the seven themed saunas, hiking in the mountains, or simply wanting to enjoy the hotel's own beer, which was brewed here more than 500 years ago.

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  • The monastery is 500 years old
  • A family-owned business for over 200 years
  • 6th generation family run
  • Nine members of the family work in the business
  • Wellness suites with private sauna, bath and beer fountain are available
  • There are nine locations for dinner

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Green Pearls® Score for Hotel Klosterbräu

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Equipment

90 rooms and suites offer plenty of space to arrive and feel at home. The detailed furnishings make each room an individual “home away from home”.

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The Story: From monastery to family business

The history of the Hotel Klosterbräu goes back a long way. While hunting, the Habsburg Emperor Maximilian I discovered the place “Sevelt” in 1516, and subsequently established the monastery as a hostel for pilgrimage guests.  For over 200 years, the Augustinian monks entertained travelers, pilgrims, and noblemen at this place. Home-made products from the monastery’s own brewery, fish farm and agriculture were served.

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Culinary delights at Klosterbräu

Region and enjoyment are top priorities at the Hotel Klosterbräu. As many as nine locations are waiting for guests for the evening dinner.

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Outside and inside wellness

Stepping into the wellness area of the Hotel Klosterbräu, one enters another world. There is plenty of room to relax, unwind and get down on 3,500 square meters. The holistic wellness philosophy is reflected in every detail and invites guests to let go completely.

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Green Initiatives

  • Architecture
  • Energy
  • Wasser
  • Müll
  • Lebensmittel
  • E- Mobilität
  • Sustainable Communication
  • Environment
  • Klimabündnis
  • Historical structure, constructed as a monastery in 1516, touristic use in the last 200 years
  • Energy-saving renovations on a regular basis since 2010
  • Walk-in experience climate garden with native species
  • High diversity of plants and vegetation throughout the green spaces
  • Sustainable flower meadows
  • Trees planted on the grounds
  • Only partially asphalted parking lot
  • Change to renewable energy sources (wood chips)
  • Solar thermal energy for water heating
  • Optimized ventilation system with partial heat recovery
  • Use of waste heat from refrigeration rooms
  • Induction cooking in kitchen
  • Movement detectors in public areas






  • Exchange of bed linen and towels only on request
  • installation of water saving faucets in case of renovations
  • Water saving dishwashing devices
  • Automatic shut-offs if possible (e.g., in the sanitary, wellness,
  • kitchen)
  • When possible, steam cleaning without detergents
  • Refillable dispensers for soaps and shampoo
  • Water is self-sprinkled – waste avoidance
  • Food waste composting to build up humus on own farm
  • Digitization of delivery bills and invoices
  • Waste separation systems are in place in the staff house

  • Bottled water is self-sprinkled
  • No imported meat from overseas
  • Regional and seasonal products are preferred
  • Some eggs from own production
  • Labeling of origin with indication of distance
  • Vegetarian dishes are explicitly advertised
  • Looking for a vegan chef to offer even better vegan and vegetarian dishes
  • Wines are mostly sourced from Austria and neighboring countries
  • Veggie days with pure vegetarian food offer
  • Electric vehicles can be charged free in the hotel parking lot or in the garage. A partnership with Porsche exists here.
  • The Seefeld train station is a 3-minute walk from the hotel and guests are proactively encouraged to arrive by public transport. Travel information for public transportation is outlined on the homepage with links to ÖBB timetables.
  • Guests who arrive by train or bus are offered the use of an e-bike free of charge for the entire duration of their stay.
  • Shuttle service is provided to or from Innsbruck train station. Luggage can be sent to the hotel via post.
  • Arrival also possible with long-distance buses such as FlixBus. The e-bike and e-car rental is also communicated.
  • Hotel’s own philosophy Think. Younique, which is communicated to guests through several channels
  • Printed materials ecologically certified
  • Guided tours of the hotel garden and agriculture
  • Over half a million leased bees have been living on the parish hill behind the hotel since summer 2020
  • They hibernate down in the valley and migrate in spring
  • Meadows are mowed only once in summer, so that bees can use all the flowers as long as possible.

Each guest has the opportunity to support this project with € 3 per day, because: for all guests who waive the additional second room cleaning per day, this amount is  donated to the “Seefeld Forest & Bee Project“. Of course you decide yourself if you want the daily second room cleaning or if the amount goes to this terrific project. BEE.HAPPY!

The Climate Alliance is a global partnership for climate protection that links more than 1,700 communities in 26 European countries with indigenous peoples in South America. The Alliance was founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1999.

In addition to the state of Chico in Colombia, the main alliance partner is FOIRN (Federation DES Organisms Indígenas du Rio Negro), the governing body of indigenous organizations on the Rio Negro. FOIRN is a private, non-profit association based in Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira in the state of Amazonas in Brazil. Meanwhile, FOIRN has advanced to become the most recognized and strongest representation of indigenous peoples in Amazonia and is accordingly accepted by governmental and other institutions as a negotiating and contracting partner. To protect the rainforest in the long term, FOIRN and Climate Alliance partners in Europe declared 122,000 km2 of rainforest as an indigenous settlement area.

At the same time, the Climate Alliance in Austria has become the largest municipal climate protection network. Currently, the alliance includes all 9 provinces, 969 municipalities, 1134 businesses and almost 541 educational institutions. These are looked after by a total of 8 regional offices. Climate Alliances work is based on information and awareness raising, networking, further education and the development and implementation of projects in the field of climate protection, climate justice and climate change adaptation.

Climate Alliance and its members and partners advocate a holistic way of living and doing business that integrates all areas of sustainable living, according to the motto. In the future, they assume their responsibility towards the rest of the world. They work together for a lifestyle that offers all living beings a safe, quality and good existence.