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Océano Health Spa Hotel

Calle Océano Pacífico 1

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Punta del Hidalgo 38240, Tenerife


“The sea enfolds us perfectly in Punta del Hidalgo on this small, pled headland in an almost forgotten corner of the island Tenerife. The sound of the sea accompanies us the whole day.” Océano Health Spa Hotel


The north-east of Tenerife is the ideal retreat to escape the hectic of everyday life. The Océano Health Spa Hotel lies directly at the Atlantic. In the back one spots, the Anaga Mountains with its evergreen mountains often hidden by mystically formed clouds.

All 91 rooms and suites are modernly equipped with warm colors and high-quality surfaces that contribute to an atmosphere of peace and quietness.

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  • Situated at the Atlantic
  • All suites and rooms with sea view
  • Located between Anaga mountains and the sea
  • Regional and healthy kitchen
  • Different sea water pools
  • Health spa and sauna area
  • Yoga
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Rooms & Amenities

  • 91 rooms and suites designed in warm, bright colors
  • Extensive, healthy breakfast buffet
  • All rooms dispose of a balcony or French balcony with sea view
  • On request rooms with shower or bathtub
  • Tea kitchen

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How it all started

Everything began in 1965 when Karl and Käthe Rolle discovered today’s hotel property directly at the water with a view at the volcano Teide. They decided to create a refuge for total relaxation. Many decades later the Océano has kept its originality and through modernization has adapted to the zeitgeist.

Karl Rolle, born in 1900, spent many hours at his desk in Bajamar in the 1960s, making plans for his dream as he gazed across the bay to La Punta, where the Océano building gradually took shape in the distance.

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The new Océano

In 2019 the hotel has been undergoing renovation, which involved not only structural changes but also alterations to the spa and sports facilities. “We have now also implemented our modern, holistic concept structurally with the redesign of the hotel,” is how Karl Matthias Rolle explains the reasons for the comprehensive renovation.

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Green Initiatives of the Océano Health Spa Hotel

Océano Health Spa Hotel continues to further develop its recognition as leading Medical Wellness Hotel offering sustainable and environment-friendly vacation: In the rooms (biological beds), in the restaurant (ingredients from predominantly biological cultivation and regional origin) and constant education of the therapists’ team in health prevention.

  • Architecture
  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Food
  • Social Engagement


  • The Pseudo-Canary style which was established in 1970 – 1990 was removed within the last years and replaced step by step with the original style referring to todays architecture and the location close to the ocean.
  • The building had been constructed with the possibilities of the 60s. In particular one shoud consider that at this time the infrastructure was limited. Today the construction works refer to European norms.
  • The use of materials which can be diminished on the island is forbidden. The nature Basalt stone slabs in the garden are not available anymore. Same applies to the special volcanic pumice which were used in former times for decoration, there is no longer a wood industry on the island.
  • Conservation of old building substance.
  • Since decades the house is continuously renovated and improved.


  • Local plants in the garden, however, it is important to take the location direct at the sea in consideration
  • No pest control with chemicals
  • The toiletries produced are ecologically friendly
  • Packaging is biodegradable
  • Ecologically friendly cleaning products are used as far as possible


  • Solar energy is used since decades
  • All available surfaces are used for solar records, so that approx. 50% of the hot-water can be processed by solar energy
  • Power-saving LEDs
  • Movement dispatch riders & time switch clocks are used at the entire hotel.


  • Water consumption and saving targets are monitored
  • The company technology supervises the consumption monthly. New targets are fixed yearly.
  • Water saving toilet flushes
  • Towels and bedlinen are not changed daily
  • Beside the drinking water a local co-operative supplies the hotel with surface water which is used for the irrigation of the garden and the toilet flush


  • Whenever possible, the products are sourced locally (milk products, oil, wine, fruit, vegetables). In addition bio products are sourced whenever available
  • Goat milk products from traditional production directly from the goat farm in the village which is very popular with guests. Whether as a component in the F.X. Mayr diet in the form of goat yoghurt, as a side dish to salads as mild “queso blanco” or strong and grilled as “queso asado” with the also typical palm honey, which is extracted from the Canarian date palm – a very tasty (vegan) alternative to bee honey.

Social Engagement

  • The Océano Health Spa is the biggest employer of the region and occupies predominantly Canary employees since the beginning.
  • Support of schools, hospitals, charitable facilities
  • There is a cooperation with the German school of Tenerife
  • Intensive cooperation with the municipality within the Centro de Vecinos (in Spain usual civil organisation)
  • Other support of local, social projects