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Biohotel Sturm

Ignaz-Reder-Straße 3

97638 Mellrichstadt

“At the Hotel Sturm there is only good! Organic kitchen, natural garden, spa and wellness – what is labelled bio is bio. You can taste this with all senses.” Hotel Sturm


Awarded as the first bio-organic hotel in the biosphere reserve within the Rhön

You are looking for relaxation, untouched nature and long to find your inner self or prefer an active vacation? Then here is the perfect location. The Hotel Sturm is situated in the most beautiful natural region in the Rhön, a unique location in Germany at the outskirts of Mellrichstadt in the midst of the border triangle Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia.

Put your foot on good ground!

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  • The first certified organic hotel in the biosphere reserve in the Rhön
  • 100% biologic certified and supporter of the Slow Food movement
  • Ingredients from controlled biological cultivation and regional production
  • Bio kitchen, natural garden, Spa and Wellness
  • Walking, rest, activity holiday and maximum relaxation
  • Skiing, winter sports or mountain biking
Green Pearls® Score for Biohotel Sturm

“Just in front of our door is one of the most exciting natural regions of Europe, the Biosphere Reserve Rhön. To preserve the beauty of this miraculous scenery and to take over consciously responsibility for humans and environment, also for the coming generations - has always motivated us! Therefore not only ecological standards, but also ethical principles and social responsibility are the guidelines of our enterprise.”

environmental protection

being local - authentic experiences

giving back

cultural commitment

Rooms & Amenities

  • 45 rooms differently designed
  • Rooms with balcony are available

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Your private holiday home in the Rhön

Independent and yet enjoying the luxury of a hotel. This comes true in the newly designed holiday home of the Biohotel Sturm in the Rhön region. Located at the nibble garden in the rear part of the 30,000 square meter hotel garden, a private refuge awaits you. You can use the Rhön-Spa, the swimming pond and of course the snack garden free of charge.

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Restaurant Otto's

Open Kitchen Restaurant Otto’s

  • 100% organic food at restaurant Otto’s: the Hotel Sturm is  a member of Slow Food Germany.
  • Most of the organic food is sourced directly from the Rhön or surrounding regions like Thuringia Forest.
  • The strict criteria and guidelines for organic production are also binding for all providers for an understandable and transparent production chain.

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Outdoor spa Biohotel Sturm

Garden & “Rhön” Spa

  • In the indoor area you will find two saunas, a steam bath, a fresh air grotto, natural cosmetic treatments, massages, body treatments and much more
  • The outdoor area offers a log cabin sauna with its own rest area in the House of Silence, a natural bathing pond and a barefoot path in our unique garden landscape.
  • the herbs and nibble garden with fruits and vegetables invite for staying and trying

History & Philosophy

Life in harmony with nature is the greatest strength of the Hotel Sturm and its employees. Here one finds rest and relaxation directly within the Biosphere Reserve Rhön. Conservation of nature is one of the core pillars of the hotel.

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Green Initiatives

Responsibility for the environment and humans, also for the coming generations!
  • Architecture
  • Culinary
  • Energy Management
  • Environment
  • Climate neutral hotel


  • Natural materials reflecting the sustainable Philosophy of the Hotel
  • Preservation of the original building structure
  • The original masonry was plastered with mineral lime mud
  • Wooden cladding with silver fir provides for an inviting and warm atmosphere
  • The herbs and nibble garden invites guests to picking and tasting all fruits and herbs.
    It was set up by passionate shrub and landscape gardeners with a natural bath pond and log cabin sauna


  • 100% of the used ingredients from biological cultivation
  • Ingredients predominantly from bio-producers from the region
  • Seasonal food
  • Member of the Slow Food movement
  • Herb and nibble garden
  • A large part is produced in-house as for example jam with fruits of the garden, chutney, syrup and even baked bread
  • Consideration of incompatibilities and diet wishes of the guests with the preparation of special dishes
  • Passion for food

What means “BIO”? Criteria for the healthy bio kitchen
Which food are “bio” is clearly defined: Key aspects of animal husbandry are the renunciation of preventive medication, free-range husbandry as well as the exclusive feeding with 100% bio-feed. Vegetables, grapes, grain and field products may not be squirted with chemistry or be treated artificially for storage.

Energy management

The Hotel Sturm focuses on environmentally friendly and self-sufficient energy systems
  • Cogeneration unit
  • Solar Thermal Energy
  • Heat recovery systems from refrigeration engines
  • Photovoltaik Plant
  • High-efficiency pumps with low electricity demand
  • Brazed plate heat exchangers


  • Renunciation of chemical fertilizers in the hotel garden
  • 100% natural makeup certificated in the spa area
  • Eco Swimming Pond with Granderwasser
    When the host family Schulze-Dieckhoff planned a swimming pool, it very soon became obvious that the decision could only be a natural swimming pond. Together with a landscape gardener the eco swimming pond was installed in the garden of the Biohotel Sturm and filled with pure, animated Granderwasser. The swimming and regeneration zone of the natural pond forms a small ecosystem in the midst of the extensive hotel facilities.

Since November 2019, Hotel Sturm is officially climate neutral. Additionally to the continuing effort to reduce carbon emissions, remaining emissions are being offset with projects in Uruguay and Ruanda.

Biohotel Sturm klimaneutral